About our Practitioners

Maryanne Harper

Maryanne worked as a Professional Photographer for over 17yrs, specializing in Newborn Photography. Her initial contact with Reiki and Bowen began when she was a client with both back and hip issues.

The benefits that she gained sparked an interest. Firstly, it was with Reiki. Maryanne was able to use Reiki, with great success, to settle the babies.

Her Reiki levels 1 and 2 were gained in 2005 and Masters in 2010. She is a qualified Reiki Teacher and member of the Australian Reiki Connection.

After closing her Photography Business in 2012, Maryanne needed to spend time looking after herself. In 2014 she had 2 hip replacements.

Five months post-surgery she was able to return to karate and successfully graded for 1st Dan in 2018, 2nd Dan 2021.

Bowen Therapy was of great benefit to Maryanne’s recovery and a constant in her life from the time of her hip replacements.

The courses that she has completed are:

  • Cert IV in Bowen Therapy in 2015
  • Diploma in Specialized Bowen Therapy in 2017
  • Specialised Bowen Procedures 2 in 2019
  • Dry Needling in 2019
  • McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release in 2020

“Awareness is the first step in healing” – Dean Ornish

For information call Maryanne on 0401229082

Madeleine Harper (Bowen Therapist)

Cert. IV & Diploma Bowen Therapy (BTA), Mind Body Bowen, MSTR (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release)

Madeleine was introduced to Bowen Therapy through her mother during her teen years which sparked an interest in the modality. She has loved it ever since and in her early twenties she decided to start her own journey in the Bowen technique.
Madeleine achieved her Cert. IV in 2020. She completed her Diploma certification in 2023.

Madeleine has achieved 3 black belts in Karate in her 20+ years of dedication to the martial art.
She competed nationally in 2014 and has been teaching ever since.
She has been involved in hip-hop and commercial style dancing since her early twenties and has an overall love of body movement.

Madeleine has a passion for helping people feel the best that they can be and is constantly striving to learn and grow her knowledge.

Madeleine is a registered Bowen Association Australia Member (BAA).