About Me

Mary Anne’s Journey


Like most of us, Mary Anne’s initial contact with Bowen and Reiki was as a client.  The benefits that she gained sparked an interest. Firstly, it was in Reiki.

Her Reiki Levels One and Two were quickly gained in 2005.

Mary Anne, at this time, was a full time Infant Photographer working with newborn babies.  In her work with these children, Mary Anne found herself using Reiki with great effect to settle them into a calm and restful state.  It dawned on her that she had a genuine talent in this area.  This encouraged Mary Anne to further study and she completed her Reiki Masters in 2010.  By this time, she was treating adults.

Chronic pain in her hips meant that Mary Anne had to give up her Photography business of 17 years in 2012.  It also meant that she was again exposed to the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy.  While Bowen Therapy was not able to cure the degeneration in her hips the treatments accelerated her recovery from her hip replacement surgery (both in 2014).  Five months later, she was back at her beloved karate dojo, raring to go and setting her sights on a Senior Black Belt by the end of 2018.

Mary Anne has a very well behaved husband.

Out of this successful treatment grew a strong interest in Bowen Therapy and so began her studies.

She achieved her Cert IV in 2015 and received her Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy in 2017.

By combining both Reiki and Bowen Therapy, Mary Anne aims to develop a practice to help people overcome their ailments and, most importantly, prevent relapses in their health.