Treatment Room

Alfred Cove Treatment Room

Alfred Cove Healing offers treatments out of a spacious, private studio that opens out onto a soothing green garden – Japanese Cathedral chimes hanging close by.

There is easy access to the studio with gates either side of the house, with a large sliding door overlooking the garden.

This space offers a tranquil setting for clients to relax during their treatment.

Our purpose at Alfred Cove Healing is to treat each individual and to assist them to help them on their healing journey.

All of us need some guidance

Our values are simple: treat everyone who comes to us with the best of our ability and without judgement

Alfred Cove Healing is beneficial for everyone, newborns to elderly with any condition, physical or emotional, wanting to maintain good health, or needing some guidance when their health isn’t optimal.


Life is a journey and sometimes we can all get caught in negative thoughts that can affect our well being